At, our mission is to provide a user-friendly and rewarding PTC (Pay to Click) platform where users can earn money by watching ads and advertisers can effectively promote their products or services. To ensure a seamless and positive experience for all our users and advertisers, we have established a comprehensive Support Policy. 

This policy outlines our commitment to addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and maintaining a safe and secure environment for all.

1. User Support

We understand the importance of responsive and efficient user support. If you're a user of and encounter any issues or have questions, here's what you can expect:

Contact Options: We offer multiple contact channels, including email, a dedicated support ticket system, and a community forum. These channels are available 24/7 to accommodate users from different time zones.

Timely Responses: We strive to respond to all user inquiries within 24 hours. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Issue Resolution: If you encounter technical issues or face challenges while using our platform, we are committed to investigating and resolving them promptly to ensure a smooth experience.

2. Advertiser Support

For advertisers who choose as a platform to promote their offerings, we provide the following support:

Ad Creation Assistance: Our team can help advertisers create effective ad campaigns, ensuring that your message reaches your target audience.

Account Management: Advertisers can rely on our account management team to optimize their campaigns and maximize their ROI (Return on Investment).

Billing Support: We offer transparent billing and payment processes, with support available to address any payment-related inquiries.

3. Safety and Security

We prioritize the safety and security of our users and advertisers:

Anti-Fraud Measures: employs robust anti-fraud measures to maintain a trustworthy ecosystem and prevent fraudulent activities.

Privacy Protection: We adhere to strict privacy policies to protect user and advertiser data, ensuring that it is used only for intended purposes.

Security Updates: We continuously update our platform to address security vulnerabilities and protect against emerging threats.

4. Community and Feedback

We value feedback from our users and advertisers:

Community Forum: Our community forum serves as a platform for discussions, sharing tips, and providing feedback. We encourage users and advertisers to actively participate and engage with the community.

Feedback Channels: We welcome feedback through various channels, including surveys and direct communication, to improve our platform continually. is dedicated to offering a reliable and rewarding PTC experience. Our Support Policy reflects our commitment to ensuring that both users and advertisers have the assistance and resources they need to thrive on our platform. If you have any questions or require support, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team. Your success and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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